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Detailed benefits of services provided
  • Our unlimited email support means you can contact us at your convenience. We will respond as soon as possible, and always within 48 hours. Benefits: the query is documented, and the quick response means you are not left waiting for an answer. It also means you will get a more accurate and correct reply, as we have an opportunity to research a little before getting back to you.
  • Unlimited phone support in office hours with the 5* package gives you an extra level of support, where we can discuss what the best solutions are for your business.
  • Phone meetings can be arranged at mutually convenient times for ALL customers.
  • Incorporation review: Each year we will review the structure of your business and consider whether incorporation or another option is better for your business.
  • VAT Registration review: We will also consider whether or not it is worthwhile registering for VAT – and we will make sure that if you approach the threshold for compulsory registration you are aware of your obligations. (4* and 5*)
  • Year-end accounts preparation: This takes the pain away from you. We have the expertise to complete the work efficiently and accurately, while you gain the time to focus on managing your business.
  • Directors' payroll (4* and 5*): As part of this service we can help you determine the most effective pay rate for your directors in terms of tax impact and cash flow. You will benefit by reducing the tax burden on your company/ the directors. Tax and NI is calculated within the software, removing the risk of errors and possible penalties.
  • Annual return to Companies’ house
  • Tax return and accounts filing with Companies’ House and HMRC: We will ensure that you meet the relevant deadlines. We will communicate your tax liability to you and the relevant payment deadlines. This means you have no risk of late filing penalties or interest payments.
  • Self-assessment tax returns for company directors (4* and 5*). A great benefit of this is that we see the overall picture of the company performance and the financial/ fiscal position of the directors too, which enables us to provide valuable advice. We can help you manage your income from the company, so that you have the income you need without paying more tax than necessary.
  • Monthly management reports: (standard for 4* and 5*) These will help you manage your business more effectively. The reporting will help us advise you regarding working capital management, to improve your cash flow. We also advise on profitability, for example identifying problem customers or services/ products that do not add to the bottom line.
  • Cash flow forecasts: These are essential to growing businesses to help them manage their growth. One of the biggest challenges facing growing businesses is not having enough cash – having to pay suppliers for larger orders, before you receive the income from the increased sales. Cash flow forecasts will mean we can show you if there are any issues lying ahead, enabling you to act to solve those problems before they hit you.
  • Our business advice: We provide business advice in accordance with the needs of your business, whether it is via a monthly review of the accounts, quarterly or on an adhoc basis. As no two businesses will have the same needs in this area, we will tailor the approach to suit your company.

Detailed price list
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